Our Goal

As an emerging company,our vision is to provide innovative and affordable options of transaction in the field of events management and indoor and outdoor studio production, that can equally compete with the trending culture in the world of entertainment and show-business and at the same time be in the budget of a common man; specially the youth of the geography.


Associate Partners

Our partners are government recognised and non-recognised young emerging media organisation, event management companies and studios ,all having mastery in in their genre of work.

Metal Bangers

Dealing with the genre of metal songs and related live events and interviews in the geography,the metal bangers present in table the best of metal you can find in Northeast India. TMC Events & Studio partner.

Fadeback Studio United

Based in Alberta,Canada. The Fadeback Studio United is a frontrunner in indoor studio production and is also known for its metal band "All Else Fails".TMC Events & Studio associate partner.


Associate portfolio website partner of THC Events & Studio. The SoundGimmicks is one of the largest profiling of south asian rock,metal,hardrock,modern bands songs and their artist's details.

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Meet the Team

TMC Events & Studio team members are passionate about their work and tries to put on efforts toward adopting whats new and innovate.

Abhijeet Goswami


A guy passionate about innovation in mass communication.

Arindam Goswami

Co Founder

More of a camera genius,he is the co founder of the company.

Kushal Deb

Technical Editor

His editorial briefings are a must in the team, high spirit persona.

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